Bali Car Rental, why we should rent a car

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Are you searching for Bali Car Rental? Or you are still planning a trip to Bali and still wondering about what kind of transportation you are going to use during your vacation. Transportation surely is one of the most important things you should consider while you are arranging a vacation. Moreover, when it comes to Bali where the public transportation as buses are undistinguished. You can not expect to use metro or any kind of rail system since it doesn’t exist there. Though there are small bus operate around the island, this is not highly recommended for tourist. The price is surely cheaper than any other transportation options, but you have to be ready with the minimum service they provide. The vehicles are usually old, hot, dusty and less convenient. Since we should eliminate two transportations system in Bali, the options being more specific into vehicle rental or online based transportation.

Online transportation is still a controversial in Bali. There are a continuous protested by transportation provider toward Grab and Gojek. The taxi companies and transportation provider despise online based transportation. There are some areas where they put sign for ‘NO Uber, NO GrabTaxi, NO Gojek, NO GrabBike, DO NOT ENTER’. So, before you decide to use online based transportation, make sure you stay or the place you want to visit are not banning the online based transportation. Next is rent a car in Bali. Probably this is the most convenient and the best solution for you who want to go around Bali. Bali car rental is the safest and the most convenient way for exploring Bali. For the safety reason, it is better for you to rent a car along with the driver. The price may be higher than when you rent a car without driver. But for some reason, decide to rent a car with the driver will give you more certainty when you go with the driver. The road in Bali are relatively narrow, and the large amount of motorbike driver will be a source of trouble if you don’t have a good driving skill. Most of the driver in Bali can speak in English, so beside you get a driver you can get a tour guide. Or at least you can ask their opinion about some interesting places. Don’t be afraid to say no if you think you do not want to go to the places they suggested. There are a lot transportations provider in Bali which offer day use rent car or even half day. With all the information served in the internet you can compare between one transportation provider to the other before deciding. Before you decide, consider about what kind of unit the provide, the inclusion, also the review from previous user. This is important since there are a lot transportations provider, so you can choose one which can accommodate your need.

Discussing about Bali Car Rental, take look on where it can be an alternative for trusted car rental in Bali. The website gives clear information about the unit they provide. If you find any difficulties, they also provide consultation service via Whatsapp. Before you decide, consult with their team till you are sure with the product you are going to buy. Be smart buyer and have a wonderful vacation in Bali.